About Grand Bay Middle

Tiger mascot

Grand Bay Middle School Mission Statement

Grand Bay Middle School will provide a positive learning environment with high expectations that will foster dependable, responsible citizens.

GBMS Motto

MOTTO: “The Road to Success”

Grand Bay Middle School is committed to “student learning.” This commitment enables all students to travel a “Road to Success.” Grand Bay challenges our students to strive for excellence in all their endeavors. Achievement in middle school leads to the “Road to Success” in high school and to being a productive member of the community.

GBMS Vision

he vision of Grand Bay Middle School is to be a school where everyone works together to provide a stimulating learning environment in which the faculty provides quality teaching with academic rigor that addresses the needs of our students in partnership with parents and the community.

GBMS Beliefs

At Grand Bay Middle School we believe:

  • in the development of well-rounded students,
  • all students can learn,
  • a rigorous and relevant curriculum fosters life-long learners
  • a safe and orderly environment creates a positive learning climate
  • in setting high standards of learning
  • in celebrating the achievements of every student.

School History

The development of Grand Bay School goes back many years. The first school was built near Warren's Creek in 1866. In 1929 Grand Bay High School was built on Cunningham Road. In 1998 Grand Bay High School and Alba High School merged to become Alma Bryant High School. The doors of the former Grand Bay High School were reopened in the fall of 1998 as